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Externally Heated Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers HL-15WR 600CFM

The HL Series is engineered to deliver ISO 8573.1.
Air Quality and reduce purge air consumption.
Dew point option:-20℃/-40℃/-70℃
Energy-saving,regeneration air consumption about 8%
Stainless steel finned U-shaped heating tube, uniform heating, high heat transfer coefficient

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  • YUKA

Externally Heated Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers


For decades, compressed air users have relied on YUKA HL series heated desiccant air dryer to deliver technology that reduces the cost of operation and improves the reliability of air driven processes.


The HL Series is engineered to deliver ISO 8573.1. Air Quality and reduce purge air consumption.


The micro heated regeneration adsorption dryer is a kind of humidification purification device that uses micro heat regeneration method to adsorb and dry compressed air according to the principle of pressure swing adsorption.


Feature & benefit

1. Micro-thermal regeneration adsorption dryer (hereinafter referred to as micro-thermal suction dryer), which has the advantages of both heating regeneration and non-thermal regeneration. The regeneration gas is micro-heated to reduce the regeneration air consumption and the regeneration is more thorough, Extend the tower switching cycle.

Under normal operating conditions, the dew point (under pressure) of the air can be reduced to below -40, and the lowest can reach -70. It can provide oil-free and water-free high-quality compressed air for a few applications that have high requirements for air quality.

It is especially suitable for use in cold areas in the north and other places where the ambient temperature is below 0°C.


2. The micro heat absorption dryer adopts a double tower structure, one tower absorbs moisture in the air under a certain pressure, and the other tower uses a small portion of dry air slightly higher than atmospheric pressure to regenerate the desiccant in the adsorption tower after a certain period of time , The two towers are switched to ensure continuous supply of dry compressed air.


3. On the basis of having all the advantages of the non-heat regenerative adsorption dryer, it adopts high-quality stainless steel finned U-shaped heating tube, which has uniform heating and high heat transfer coefficient, which can ensure long-term trouble-free operation.


4. Unique computer control system, visually display the running status of the dryer, and has multiple alarms, protection functions and DCS remote control interface to ensure trouble-free use.


5. The actuator adopts pneumatic angle seat valve and pneumatic butterfly valve. The pneumatic control system adopts deep dry air source and then filtered to ensure reliable action and avoid valve leakage.

6. The height and diameter of the adsorption tower are accurately calculated and experimental results, and the important parameters such as flow velocity and heat and mass transfer are indeed mastered, so as to avoid excessive wear of the adsorbent and tunnel effect.


7. Professional program control design, small air pulse and air pressure fluctuation, effectively reduce the outlet air dust and the regeneration air noise.


8. Convenient and practical cycle time mode and energy-saving economic mode. Regenerative air volume and time program can be adjusted to adapt to various actual use conditions and outlet dew point requirements. The support base has a stable and beautiful appearance, and is easy to install, use and maintain.


Technical Data Sheet

Model Flow rate (m³/min) Power (KW) Connection Power Supply N.W. (KG) Dimension              ( L*W*H)MM
HL-1WR 1.2 0.5 RC1" 220V50HZ 135 670x360x1265
HL-2WR 2.4 0.8 RC1" 220V50HZ 170 780x360x1485
HL-3WR 3.2 1 RC1" 220V50HZ 240 850x400x1385
HL-6WR 6.5 1.8 RC1-1/2" 220V50HZ 285 1000x450x1700
HL-8WR 8.5 2.4 RC2" 220V50HZ 255 1100x500x2050
HL-10WR 11.5 3 RC2" 380V50HZ 526 1200x500x2030
HL-13WR 13.5 3 RC2" 380V50HZ 605 1300x500x2230
HL-15WR 17 4.5 DN65 380V50HZ 712 1300x560x2360
HL-20WR 23 6 DN80 380V50HZ 848 1400x560x2530
HL-25WR 27 7.5 DN80 380V50HZ 1150 1650x820x2630
HL-30WR 34 9 DN80 380V50HZ 1328 1750x900x2630
HL-40WR 45 12 DN100 380V50HZ 1674 1850x750x2650
HL-50WR 55 15 DN100 380V50HZ 2100 1950x850x2650
HL-60WR 65 18 DN125 380V50HZ 2707 2200x1240x2705
HL-80WR 85 24 DN150 380V50HZ 3573 2420x1260x2800
HL-100WR 110 30 DN150 380V50HZ 4639 2500x1100x2750
HL-120WR 130 36 DN150 380V50HZ 5100 2650x1200x2800
HL-150WR 155 45 DN200 380V50HZ 5586 2800x1300x2900


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