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HAD30B Zero Pressure Loss Noiseless Easy Install External Automatic Drain

Inlet: RC1/2”, Outlet: RC1/2”
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Anti-corrosion resistant to synthetic lubricant
Starting discharging value:91-93ml
Max. discharging value: 800L/H
Max. Working pressure : 1.0Mpa

  • HAD30B
  • YUKA

Working Principle
Auto drains are designed with float ball drain system. The outlet of the drain will close and stop draining if the draining buoyancy is smaller than the float ball's weight and the pressure from the compressed air. It will have a trickle of drainage if the float weight and pressure are balanced. It will open and start draining if the draining buoyancy is greater than the float ball's weight and the pressure from the compressed air. It works cyclically according to the buoyancy.


Technical Specification

Model No. Inlet Outlet Max.working pressure Min.working temperature Max.working temperature Starting value of liquid emission Max.liquid discharge capacity Dimension(mm)
W(width) D (depth) H (height)
HAD10B RC1/2" Φ6 1.0Mpa 1.5℃ 85℃ 22 ml 84 L/H 79 / 112
HAD20B RC1/2" RC1/2" 1.0Mpa 1.5℃ 85℃ 72-75ml 400 L/H 134 108 180
HAD30B RC1/2" RC1/2" 1.0Mpa 1.5℃ 85℃ 91-93ml 800 L/H 172 107 180




1. Automatic drains are often at the lowest end of air compressor piping or other compressed air treatment systems. The advantage is that no manual care is required.

2.Even in places where the space is relatively small and too high, it can also play a good drainage effect.

3. It can prevent the artificial drainage from being forgotten and causing the tight air to be re-contaminated with condensed water.

Product Application



Dimension: 17.2*10.7*18cm

N.W.:1.2 kg, Inner box size: 18*15.5*17.5cm

18pcs/CTN, Carton size: 56*54*36.5cm

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