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Compressed Air Filter Color: Red Maxi.Pressure: 10bar Operation Temperature: 1.5~80℃ Material: Aluminum alloy Filter element Grade: PF/AO/AA/AX/ACS/AR/AAR Corrosion Treatment: about 20 micron thickness at the surface With Tie-rod, easy to replace and install element. Filtration Efficiency: 99.99% Parallel design Available
Color: Red Maxi. Pressure : 10 bar Operate Temperature: 1.5~80℃ Material: Grade A Aluminum Alloy Filter element grade: PF/AO/AA/AX/ACS/AR/AAR Corrosion Treatment : Inside and outsize the housing 100% air tightness test Housing serve life: 15 years Element server life: 6000~8000 hours Filtration Efficiency: 99.99%
Color: Red Refrigerant type: R134a Power supply: 220V 50HZ System maxi. pressure drop:0.025Mpa Evaporator type: aluminum alloy plate Internal filter: PF/AO/AA/AX Fumigation Wooden Case package

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HL250 Flow Rate 27m³/min DN80 Flange Aluminum Alloy Plate Evaporator R407c Refrigerated Air Compressed Dryer

Color: Red
Refrigerant type: R407c
Power supply: 380V 50HZ
System maxi. pressure drop:0.025Mpa
Evaporator type: aluminum alloy plate
Internal filter: PF/AO/AA/AX
Fumigation Wooden Case package

  • HL250
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HL Series Aluminum Plate for Refrigerated Air Dryer


Refrigerant type: R407ca

Power supply: 380V 50HZ

System maxi. pressure drop:0.025Mpa

Evaporator type: aluminum alloy plate

Internal filter: PF/AO/AA/AX



Energy-saving: The design of aluminum alloy three-in-one heat exchanger minimizes the process loss of cooling capacity and improves the recycling of cooling capacity. Under the same processing capacity, the total input power of this model is reduced by 15~30%.


Efficient: The integrated heat exchanger incorporates a flow guiding fin to make the compressed air exchange heat evenly inside. It is oil-free, water-free and dust-free. The built-in gas-water separation device is equipped with a stainless steel filter to make the water separation more completely.


Intelligent: Multichannel temperature and pressure monitoring, real-time display of dew point temperature, automatic recording of accumulated running time, self-diagnosis function, display corresponding alarm code, and automatic protection of equipment.


Environmental protection: In response to the international Montreal agreement, all models in this series use R134a and R410a environmentally friendly refrigerants, which have zero damage to the atmosphere and adapt to the needs of the international market.


Stable: standard constant pressure expansion valve, standard intelligent temperature control, laboratory test, when the intake air temperature reaches 65 ° C, the ambient temperature reaches 42 ° C, it is still stable operation, with temperature and pressure double antifreeze protection, and When the engine is operated for a long period of time, the output of the compressor is automatically stopped, and the amount of cooling stored by the aluminum plate is exchanged to provide heat exchange. Extend the life of the equipment while saving energy.


Technical Specification

The following products are suitable for use at 220V 50HZ & 380V 50HZ voltage, other voltages can be customize:


 Model Flow Rate (m³/min) Power Supply Input Power (kw) Air line Connection Refrigerant Type G.W.(kg) Measurement(mm)
HL010 1.2 220V 50Hz 0.37 RC3/4" R134a 34 480*380*665
HL020 2.4 220V 50Hz 0.52 RC3/4" R134a 42 520*410*725
HL030 3.6 220V 50Hz 0.73 RC 1" R410a 50 580*460*785
HL060 6.5 220V 50Hz 1.26 RC 1 1/2" R410a 63 700*540*910
HL080 8.5 220V 50Hz 1.87 RC 2" R410a 73 770*590*990
HL100 11.0 220V 50Hz 2.43 RC 2" R410a 85 770*590*990
HL120 13.5 220V 50Hz 2.63 RC 2" R410a 94 800*610*1030
HL150 17.0 380v 50Hz 3.00 DN50 Flange R407c 180 1000*850*1143
HL200 23.0 380v 50Hz 3.70 DN65 Flange R407c 210 1100*900*1203
HL250 27.0 380v 50Hz 5.80 DN80 Flange R407c 350 1200*950*1273
HL300 33.0 380v 50Hz 6.10 DN80 Flange R407c 420 1450*1000*1350
HL400 42.0 380v 50Hz 8.00 DN100 Flange R407c 550 1550*1100*1403
HL500 55.0 380v 50Hz 9.20 DN100 Flange R407c 680 1680*1300*1600
HL600 65.0 380v 50Hz 10.10 DN100 Flange R407c 780 1750*1450*1680
HL800 85.0 380v 50Hz 12.00 DN125 Flange R407c 920 1950*1500*1900


Working conditions & technical requirements

Rated ambient temperature: 38 ° C, max.42 ° C.

Rated inlet temperature: 38 ° C, max. 65 ° C.

Rated air pressure: 0.7Mpa, max. 1.6Mpa.

Pressure dew point under rated conditions: 2 ° C ~ 10 ° C (atmospheric dew point: -23 ° C ~-17 ° C).

Assembly environment: no sun, no rain, and good ventilation, installed in a horizontal hard foundation, no obvious dust and flying flour.


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