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Compressed Air Filter Color: Red Maxi.Pressure: 10bar Operation Temperature: 1.5~80℃ Material: Aluminum alloy Filter element Grade: PF/AO/AA/AX/ACS/AR/AAR Corrosion Treatment: about 20 micron thickness at the surface With Tie-rod, easy to replace and install element. Filtration Efficiency: 99.99% Parallel design Available
Color: Red Maxi. Pressure : 10 bar Operate Temperature: 1.5~80℃ Material: Grade A Aluminum Alloy Filter element grade: PF/AO/AA/AX/ACS/AR/AAR Corrosion Treatment : Inside and outsize the housing 100% air tightness test Housing serve life: 15 years Element server life: 6000~8000 hours Filtration Efficiency: 99.99%
Color: Red Refrigerant type: R134a Power supply: 220V 50HZ System maxi. pressure drop:0.025Mpa Evaporator type: aluminum alloy plate Internal filter: PF/AO/AA/AX Fumigation Wooden Case package

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RC1/2'' 1m3/Min Stainless Steel Compressed Precision Air Filter for Air Compressor G-BHL017

G-BHL Series High Efficiency Precision Compressed Air Filters
air flow rate: 1.0m³/min.
Working pressure: 60bar-550bar
Filtration: 5-0.01μm.
Inlet/outlet: Rc/Npt 1/2.

Element Serve Life:
  • G-BHL017
  • YUKA
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RC1/2'' 1m3/Min Stainless Steel Compressed Precision Air Filter for Air Compressor G-BHL017

About Compressed Air:
Compressed air is the second-largest power source after electricity, and it has a multi-purpose process gas source. The unfiltered and separated compressed air contains a considerable amount of water, solid particles, dust, oil mist, bacteria and other pollutants. These pollutants have a certain impact on the profitability
and production costs of the factory. In order to maintain the competitive advantage of the factory, It is necessary to implement sustainable measures and apply quality-assured purification equipment.

Product Advantages:
1. The filter element adopts imported advanced filter materials and stainless steel support net to prevent secondary pollution and the particle interception effect is more than 99%. 
2. Filter shell guarantees the good function and quality of the product through a variety of different technical tests to ensure safe and stable operation at all times.
3. Both the shells and filter element support hole mesh are made of stainless steel to ensure excellent performance and reliability.
4. Adopted high-efficiency glass fiber and felt-like media, which can filter dry and wet dust, particles, oil suspension and water droplets to the greatest extent. Minimize pressure drop and maintain economical operating costs.
5. The precise threaded interface makes installation and maintenance easier and more convenient.
6. Under the working condition of 1.5-80 ºC and 1.0MPa pressure, the body is guaranteed to be used for 15 years, and the service life of the filter elementis
6000-8000 hours.

Technical Specification:
The flow rate below is the treatment capacity of compressed air under rated working pressure 7barg(100psig). For the applicatiion in other working pressure, please refer to the correction factors.

Model Pipe Size Flow Rate Dimension (mm)
L/S m3/min scfm W (Width) H (Height) A B
G-BHL017 Rc1/2'' 16.7 1.0 35.3 85 195 19.6 175.4
G-BHL025 Rc3/4'' 25.0 1.5 53.0 85 195 19.6 175.4
G-BHL030 Rc1/2'' 30.0 1.8 63.6 88 205 18.8 186.2
G-BHL035 Rc3/4'' 33.3 2.0 70.6 88 205 18.8 186.2
G-BHL058 Rc3/4'' 46.7 2.8 98.9 110 250 24.2 225.8
G-BHL068 Rc1'' 60.0 3.6 127.1 110 250 24.2 225.8
G-BHL080 Rc1'' 80.0 4.8 169.5 118 380 32.2 347.8
G-BHL145 Rc1-1/2'' 120.0 7.2 254.2 118 380 32.2 347.8
G-BHL220 Rc2'' 200.0 12.0 423.7 143 470 43.0 427.0
G-BHL260 Rc2-1/2'' 233.3 14.0 494.4 143 470 43.0 427.0
G-BHL330 Rc2'' 267.2 16.0 564.8 150 814 55.5 758.5
G-BHL360 Rc2-1/2'' 317.3 19.0 670.7 150 814 55.5 758.5
G-BHL405 Rc2-1/2'' 367.4 22.0 776.6 185 584 58.5 525.5
G-BHL430 Rc3'' 467.6 28.0 988.4 185 584 58.5 525.5
G-BHL620 Rc3'' 620.0 37.2 1313.6 185 814 58.5 755.5
Technical Requirement

Maximum operating pressure:10 barg         Maximum operating temperature: 80°C       Minimum operating temperature:1.5°C

Pressure Barg 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Psig 15 29 44 59 73 87 100 116 131 145 160 174 189 203 219 232
Correction factor 0.38 0.53 0.65 0.76 0.85 0.93 1.00 1.07 1.13 1.19 1.23 1.31 1.36 1.41 1.46 1.51

Air Element Filtration:

Products are tested with the international advanced testing equipment based on standard ISO12500, which is equivalent to the standard ISO8573.

Filtration Grade PF AO AA AX ACS AR AAR
Size of solid particles(ISO12500-3) 5μm 1μm 0.01μm 0.01μm - 1μm 0.01μm
Filtration performance of solid particles(ISO12500-3) - 99.999+% 99.999+% 99.999+% 99.999+% 99.999+% 99.999+%
Filtration performance of oil(ISO12500-3) 50% 80+% 99.9+% 99.99+% - - -
Residual oil content(ISO12500-1) 5mg/m³ 0.6mg/m³ <0.01mg/m³ <0.001mg/m³ <0.004mg/m³ - -

Why choose YUKA as your long term business partner?
YUKA's YD series filters are ideal solutions for removing pollutants in compressed air systems and saving energy. Use imported quality filter materials and design technology to ensure high-quality compressed air quality and lower operating costs.

We have a full set of testing equipment imported from Europe. Filters and gas-water separators can be tested and rated  according to ISO 8573.1: 2009
air quality standards, and provide performance test reports.

YUKA's Factory and Facilities:
Assemble line & CNC machineTesting online for filtration & Dust-free room for filter element
Anti-corrosion test & Air leakage test for air filter

Air leakage test for filter head &  Air leakage test for housing

YUKA has more than 20 years of professional manufacturing and trading experiences in compressed air
purification & separation industry to service our brand customers like below:

YUKA attended Exhibitions in Shanghai Comvac Asia & Germany Hannover Messe:93e4e6198cc96de928946a5058b20ec
Packing & Shipping:
Packing: Good packing will protect the goods from damage during transport. We use strong, durable packing material to pack the goods.
Shipping: By air,by sea ,by express

Q1. What kind of your company is it?
We're the manufacturer integrated with R&D, production and sales.
Q2. How about your technical conditions and production capability?
Complete process documents and equipment, mass production. 
Q3. What is the delivery time?
Delivery time depends on the order quantity, normally is 3-5 working days after 30% payment.
Q4. Do you have a warranty?
Yes, for filter, it is 1 year normally.
Q5. Can you supply customized product?
Yes, we have a professional technical team to provide you with the best solution and complete production processes and control to provide you
with satisfied product.

Q6. what's the delivery way?
shipping way: air freight, express, sea

Q7. Could you Calculate the shipping cost for me?
Yes, we are honored to do that for you! Before the freight , please well let us know which seaport or airport near your place.


Founded in 1998, YUKA has more than 20 years of experience of innovating of sustainable productivity, customers benefit from our innovative compressed air filter, water separation , air dryer and auto drain.




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