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Hongrijia Depurate Facility Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Pingshan High-tech Industrial Park with 11,000 square meter in Shenzhen city China in 1998. We are a professional manufacturer who specialized in R&D, production and sales of refrigerated dryer, adsorption dryer, compressed air precision filtration equipment and pneumatic components.

Listen, understand and satisfy customer requirement all the time.

 YUKA target : Wherever the world needs compressed air, there is YUKA!

 YUKA mission: Contribute to the development of world science and technology and human health.
  Our product are widely applied in diversity industries, such as military defense, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, power, machinery, light industry, textile, automobile manufacturing, electronics, food, medicine, biochemical, scientific etc.


Mr. Liu Bai Fan, president of YUKA, founded YUKA in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province in 1998 for 22 years.
the Member of China National Standards Co-mmittee.
He has key role in product reach and development and sales, further more, he contributes most time to work and how to improve service.

Outside of work, Mr. Liu is good at cooking Cantonese cuisine.
Liu Bai Fan
  • National Standard
    The maker of Compressed air National Standard  GB/T30475.1-2013
  • Certificate
    With ISO9001: 2015 and CE certificate
  • Multiple Patents
    3 Invention Patents
    Over 40 Utility model Patents
    Over 20 Appearance Patents
  • Imported Instrument
    With Germany Imported Accuracy Instrument
  • Good Quality
    Products based on ISO8573-1:2010 standard
  • High-Tech
    National High-Tech Enterprise
  • Air Tightness Test
    100% air tightness test for each product
  • AEA Certificate
    British AEA filtration performance test certificate


Founded in 1998, YUKA has more than 20 years of experience of innovating of sustainable productivity, customers benefit from our innovative compressed air filter, water separation , air dryer and auto drain.




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