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  Product Structure Engineer
Job requirements:

1. Full-time college degree or above, mechanical design and manufacturing, mechanical automation and other related mechanical majors, bachelor degree or above is preferred;
2. More than 2 years of product structure design work experience, responsible for product 3D structure design, 2D engineering drawing conversion, BOM parts list production, engineering verification, mass production import, etc;
3. solid mechanical foundation, skilled use of many hardware standard parts, have a certain understanding of die casting, injection molding, powder, welding and other processes. Able to proactively discover the shortcomings of products in the production process and improve them. Have the ability to reduce product costs and choose more reasonable parts processing methods and processes;
4. 2D engineering drawing ability is good, proficient in CNC machining accuracy of parts, familiar with the technical requirements of related parts, have a rich understanding and experience of tolerance coordination;
5. Familiar with the development process, participated in and led the process of a product from planning-design input-design output-engineering verification-import mass production. Familiar with processes such as DFMEA;
6. Familiar with UG / PROE / solidworks, AytoCAD and other software for 3D and engineering design of parts;
7. FEM analysis of product strength and safety factor is preferred.
  Internet promotion (Google)
Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for Google advertising on independent station, and responsible for its ROI;
2. Responsible for monitoring the actual effect of Google advertising, continuously optimizing in real time, and proposing and implementing corresponding solutions;
3. Independently analyze the advertising data, summarize the problems and formulate solutions;
4. Collect, summarize and analyze market information during product marketing from time to time, and provide constructive opinions.

Job requirements:

1. 2 or more years of Google placement experience;
2. Familiar with Google's delivery rules and various forms of advertising;
3. Strong data analysis ability, quick thinking, and sensitive to data.
  Senior Oversea Sales Representative
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, English, International Trade or related major;
2. Ability to listen, speak, read and write in various foreign languages, be able to use independently and communicate with foreign customers;
3. Have good business development ability, independent ability and teamwork spirit, and have the courage to open up and innovate;
4. 2 years of foreign trade work experience, able to adapt to foreign business trips;
5. Cheerful, positive, resilient, self-motivated, strong anti-stress ability;
6.Diligent, practical and willing to follow the company to develop together

Job responsibilities:
1. Develop foreign trade business, expand overseas markets, develop and maintain foreign customers;
2. Collect market information and submit market analysis reports;
3. Liaison, negotiation and negotiation of export business;
4. Coordinated processing of export orders to ensure delivery in accordance with customer requirements

Salaries and benefits:
1. 5 days and 8 hours work system, combining work and rest, let you work and live in the right place;
2. Purchasing social security benefits such as five insurances;
3. Highly competitive basic salary + high commission, which protects the quality of life and stimulates work passion;
4. Enjoy national legally paid leave in accordance with the law, such as marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, annual leave, sick leave, bereavement leave, etc. and all national holidays, and returning home is no longer an issue;
5. Every holiday, you will receive holiday benefits, monthly employee birthday gifts, free medical examinations, group travel, and outstanding employee rewards to make you feel full of belonging;
6. The corporate culture of solidarity among employees creates a harmonious and harmonious working atmosphere, so that you are no longer alone!


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