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  • Q What kind of payment method do you accept?

    A For first time cooperation, 30% T/T is accepted; for the long-term customers, payment methods can be discussed.
  • Q How long is the delivery time?

    A For 3,000 pcs, our delivery time will be around 45 days, which will vary from different situation.
  • Q Do you have CE, RoHs or other certificates?

    A Yes. Each of our products has certificates according to different markets: CE, RoHS, FCC est.
  • Q Do you offer packages?

    Yes, we have regular package boxes with plastic holder and manual users inside. 
    We have designers for the package and customers can send us their designs.
  • Q What is your MOQ?

    Our regular MOQ is 3,000 pcs. 
    MOQ could be 1,000 pcs for the first order of our regular designs. 
    MOQ for customized colors or designs will be 3,000 pcs. 
    Please contact us to for more details.
  • Q Why compressed air must be dry?

    The atmosphere sucked by the compressor is known as a gas mixture that always contains water vapor. However, the ability of air to absorb water will vary. It mainly depends on the temperature. If the temperature increases, the ability to absorb water vapor will also increase.
    Water will condense only when the compressed air has to be re-cooled as necessary. This condensate is then separated in a downstream cyclone or compressed air tank. However, after that, the compressed air was still 100% saturated with water vapor. With further cooling, a large amount of condensate will still be generated in the pipe network and at the point of use. Without additional compressed air drying, breakdowns, production interruptions, and expensive maintenance and repair work are inevitable.
  • Q Can I make sample based on my demand?

    A Certainly, we have professional engineer to make a proof before order OEM mass product.
  • Q How much should I pay for the deposit?

    A 30% before production, and the balance before shipping.
  • Q Can you offer some professional pictures about the products for me?

    A Yes, we have professional team can offer very nice pictures for you to put in your website, it can be very helpful for your sales plan.
  • Q Can I visit your factory?

    A Welcome to visit our factory. Showing you the real production line and professional quality test team. Welcome to your professional quality check team to test any times
  • Q What's the MOQ if I want to print my own brand/logo?

    A The MOQ will be decided by your customized products.
  • Q Can you offer OEM service?

    A Yes,we can. We have many years of OEM experience. Over 21 years experience on compressed air solution.
  • Q What's the different between YF,YFB and YD series air filter?

    YD series air filter could be replace Domnick Hunter Oil X plus series well.
    YF series different between YD series is on the design of the element top cap design, YF filter element top-cap is with diversion fins, air will come through with less pressure loss and reduced flocculation. Top cap with different color to distinguish the element grade well.
    YFB is the simple version of YF series, which mean without differential pressure , without sight glass, without internal auto drain,with blue color;
  • Q What's the maximum pressure for aluminum alloy air filter, how about the higher one, can you OEM for us?

    Normally, our maxi.pressure for aluminum alloy air filter is 1.6Mpa.
    For the higher request, such 2.0Mpa, 3.0Mpa,6.0Mpa could design by stainless steel material 304 or 316.
  • Q What's the material of your air filter and configuration, please list them for us.

    1. Housing material is aluminum alloy, which could be use about 15 years.
    2. Borosilicate glass fiber for filter element, 96% porosity with strong capacity of holding dusts, serve time up to 6000-8000 hours normally. With PA+GF material for the top cap, which resisting general acid and chemical corrosion and with extremely strong Hydrophobic and Oleophobic. Double stainless steel mest to ensure the filter element strength,protect the glass fiber in production process.
  • Q How much pressure loss for your air filter?

    A The general differential pressure is 0.17-0.25kg/cm and maxi. value less than 0.65kg/cm.


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