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Filter Accessories of Differential Pressure Indicate & Gauge - YUKA Filter


Differential pressure indicators &  Differential pressure gauges                                         

The filter housing are fitted with " Differential pressure indicators/ gauges". Generally, they are indicators, not precise gauges which can offer correction help or accuracy. Normally there are green and red area, if the needle is in the green air, it means no need to change the element . Differential pressure indicators/gauges are neither filter service indicators nor air quality indicators, they can only simply measure the pressure difference and show a premature blockage of the filter element.

Manual & Automatic drain

The integrated manual and automatic design has largely improved the drainage performance and prevents the filter element from being polluted by large liquid. The flexible pipeline at the bottom provides more connection ways.

Liquid mirror/ sight glass

Made from imported high temperature-resistant and low temperature-resistant material which are used to monitor the liquid level and take precautions against any premature blockage of the drain, so as to remind maintenance in advance and to protect the downstream equipment from contamination.

Technical data

  • The destructive test pressure is 7.0 Mpa
  • the highest destructive test temperature is 120 °C
  • The lowest destructive test temperature is -20 °C
  • For the past 15 years' development, we've been committed to R&D best parts and guarantee our user's safety.

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