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Social Responsibility
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Protect the health of employees

1.The health, safety and health representative is responsible for the company's newly purchased equipment, new materials, new products, new production process, new energy, technical engineering transformation, etc. before being put into use or adopted, he shall carry out systematic and safe health and health risk analysis, identify potential and possible risk factors for environmental protection, personnel safety and health, and take corresponding preventive measures To prevent environmental protection, health and safety risks caused by new materials, new products, new energy, new processes and technological transformation. Formal production can only be introduced when the environmental protection, health and safety hazards are within the controllable and acceptable range.

2.The health, safety and health representative is responsible for assessing the health, safety and health of the plant's production equipment and plant every six months, and checking its effectiveness and whether there are any potential hazards to the health and safety of employees.

Development of science and technology

Set up BSCI system training procedures so that every member of the company can receive BSCI knowledge training, so that the company's employees can understand the requirements of BSCI, and thus increase the transparency of the company.


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