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Company Culture

Our Mission

Make contribution to the development of world's science & technology and human health!

Our Philosophy

Aspiration: Lead the Industry Standards!

Creativity: Enterprises is doomed to decline without creativity. Today's dream will bring a better future!

To conquer the conflict between new and old ideas caused by science and technology innovation is the guarantee to develop and strengthen an enterprise.

Agressiveness: Break through brambles and thorns, forge ahead with determination. Deal with difficulty as priority, never leave work in half way.

Globalization: The globe is our market. To win the world's trust, provide high quality products with reasonable price.

Gratefulness: Always be grateful to our surroundings. Be grateful to our parents who gave our lives, and grateful to our teachers and seniors who gave us careful guidance. Serve our society and reward the love of our society.

Human Resource: Enterprise booming lies in discovering the talents and utilizing proper talents in appropriate position. It's hard to find high quality talents. Always be objective, keep healthy consciousness and wisdom. Match our deeds with words, and keep our promise.

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