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Company History

2014 ~ 2015 YD series air filter obtained Performance Test Certificate issued by British authority AEA.

R&D and production of YF series compressed air precision filter.

Officially recognized as national and Shenzhen Hi-Tech Enterprise.

Became the maker of National Standards GB/T 30475.1-2013 compressed air filter test method part 1: suspended oil and part 2: oil vapor.

Acquired TS(Special Equipment) Production License for Pipeline Components.

Became the maker of compressed air system whirlwind separator Industry standards “2013-2263 T-JB”, and maker of compressed air filter industry standards ”2015-0488 T-JB”.

2013 YUKA became the first manufacturer who gained CE certificate and PICC insurance in China’s Air Filtering Industry.

2012 R&D and production of new series compressed air precision filter- YE series, became the only manufacturer in the industry who can produce 4" pipe size die casting filter and water separator, the flow rate can reach 60 m³/min and 70 m³/min to meet our customer’s needs.

2011 Invested more than 10 millions’ RMB to establish new production base and install die-casting machine 1000 TN, 500 TN, 300 TN.

2010 R&D and production of WS series high efficiency whirlwind Water Separator.

2009 Visited by senior members of USA Parker Hannifin, Italy Mattei, as well as UK DH

2008 Acquired ISO 9000:2000 certificate, R&D and production of YD series compressed air precision filter in the same year, generally used as UK DH Brand o meet our customer’s needs.

2007 Obtained product Import&Export License

2006 Formally became a member of China General Purification Equipment Association.

2005 First participation in China General Purification Equipment Association Shenzhen Conference.

2004 R&D and production of second series compressed air precision filter- YB series, generally used as USA Hankison Brand.

2003 Formally register our own brand “YUKA”, homophonic of YouJia, means good and prosperous cooperation stand on mutual friendly foundation

2002 Production of first big capacity float ball drain- HAD30B.

2001 Production of first float ball drain- HAD20B.

1999 R&D and production of first series compressed air precision filter- YA series, generally used as Italy Hiross Brand

1998, YUKA Hardware Fitting Factory was born is Shenzhen city.

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