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FWS series separators

FWS water cyclone separator Protect the Refrigeration dryer


Products: FWS010/FW020/FWS050/FWS060/FWS070/FWS100/FWS110/FWS131/FWS140/FWS140F/FWS150/FWS150F/FWS170/FWS170F

Material: Aluminium alloy

Product selection:

The Flow rate below is the treatment capacity of compressed air under nominal working pressure

7 bar g(100 psi g). Under normal working condition, its separation effect is as high as 900%.

Problems in Air system

There is large amount of water in compressed air system which will corrode the pipeline, permanently damage the valves, air cylinders and pneumatic tools and devices, reduce working efficiency of the after cool-heat- exchanger.

Benefits if installed in air system

Reduce the corrosion of the pipeline and damages to valves, air cylinders.

Protect the filter form bulk liquid contamination.

Improve air quality.

Protect the pre-filter of frozen dryer and adsorptive dryer.

Remove effectively the liquid in all fluids.

Cut down the operational and maintenance costs.

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