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High Efficiency Element for Removal Particulates & Water and Oil Mist for Compressor Filter- Hongrijia YUKA Filter


Length unit corversion table

1km=1*10³m   1dm=1×10^(-1)m   1cm=1*^(-2)m  1mm=1×10^(-3)m 1dmm=1×10^(-4)m  
1μm=1×10^(-6)m   1nm=1×10^(-9)m

Volume concentration unit corversion table

1ppm=1mg/L  1ppm=10³mg/m³   1ppm=10³ppb    1g=10³mg  1L=10m³ml  10³L=1m³

Element Structure

FPM seal ring blocks the air before and after filtering to achieve a better filtering effect.

The supporting layer adopts stainless steel to ensure the filter element strength and the layered filtration design guarantees the element filtering accuracy.

96% porosity have strong capacity of holding dust, life span is up to 6000~8000 hours, general pressure difference is 0.17 to 0.25kg/cm, no exceeding of 0.65kg/cm.

The element cover is made of PA+GF material, free from deformation from -20℃ to 240℃ under 1.8Mpa pressure. Can also resist general acid and alkali chemical corrosion, with stand terrible compressed air environment, have extreme oleo phobic and hydrophobic ability.

The inside and outside supporting layers are made of stainless steel to ensure the filter element strength, and protect the glass fiber during production process, at the same time avoid damage to filter element due to the rusty material, and secondary contamination of the compressed air.

The high quality special out material of the element can condense the water and oil, avoid them to be blown away, further to achieve a better drying and filtering effect.

ination of the compressed air.

Guarantee Air Quality

Please replace the filter elements with YUKA original products to ensure purified, dry and stable air. The element is constantly impacted by oil, acidic condensate and high velocity dust particulates during the whole operation process, it also has to filter and keep protecting your compressed air system. It will weaken the filter media and reduce the filtering performance if it passed the replacement period. Technically, these hidden and serious reduction can not easily be detected by the differential pressure indicating instruments. To replace the filter element every year is very essential. Failed to replace them in time will lead to low product performance and quality, as well as high production cost. 

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