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YUKA Frozen-Adsorption Combined dryer With Lower Dew Point


YUKA HC series energy-saving Frozen- Adsorption combined Air Dryer with low dew point is a new compressed air drying device, which organically combines Frozen Dryer and Low-heat Regeneration Adsorptive Dryer. These tow processed are closely linked to each other in terms of workflow setup.

This combined dryer adopts the latest developed drying process, differs from the simply connection of the Frozen Dryer and the Adsorptive Dryer, its working process is as below: the compressed air form the after cooler firstly exchange heat with the dried low temperature compressed air to reduce its temperature, then enters into the evaporator to be future reduced to 2 ℃.

Most of the moisture in the compressed air is discharged in a state of liquid in this dew point. The compressed air with little bit amount of moisture then enters into the adsorptive tower to be further dried and dewatered. Finally, the low temperature dry compressed air enters into the heat exchange to cool down the high temperature wet air and increase itself's temperature at the same time, which can prevent the outer wall of the compressed air conveying pipeline from dewing. The compressed air after pressurized was taken a small prat of it as the regenerative air of the adsorbent to improve its regenerative efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Product characteristics

* Integrated structure, no fundamental installation

*Excellent compressed air quality, low dew point from -20 ℃ ~ -70 ℃

*Air consumption can be adjusted to 3% ~ 5%

*More than 3 years long life span

*Microcomputer programmed, easy operation

 Heatless /Low-heat Adsorptive Dryer

**HX010-HX1200 are Heatless Adsorptive Dryer, and (LH) are Low-heat Adsorptive Dryer**

Technical data of the Heatless /Low-heat Adsorptive Dryer 

Operation conditions:

Operation Pressure: 0.6~1.0 Mpa   

Air Inlet temperature:0~45℃

Controlling Method: PLC Electronic Control 

Pressure Dew point: -20~70℃

Pressure Drop:0.025Mpa

Installation Method: Indoor & Fondationless  

Dessicant: Active Aluminum Oxide or Molecular Sieve

Air consumption:≤ 14%(Heatless),≤ 7%(Low-Heat)

Power: 220V/50Hz, 40W (Heatless)

Frozen- Adsorptive combined Dryer

Technical data of the Frozen- Adsorptive combined Dryer

Operation conditions:

Operation pressure: 0.6~1.0Mpa           

Pressure dew point: -20~ -70℃   

Dessicant: Active Aluminum Oxide or Molecular Sieve                   

Air Inlet Temperature: 0~45℃  

Cooling Method: Air-cooled , Water- cooled  

Air consumption:≤ 5%     

Regeneration Method: Heatless Regeneration     

Pressure Drop:≤ 0.025Mpa

Controlling Method: PLC Electronic Control

Installation Method: Indoor & Fondationless           

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